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I am planing to cross whole europe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I am planing to cross whole europe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well hello there....but i am planing to travel though Europe.. i am from republic of Georgia...and planing to cross black sea and when i reach Odessa(Ukraine) then i go to Belarus, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Netherlands, Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy and then will take ship and go to from Istanbul i will come back to my country on bike...

well i have some questions...because i am doing it first time and apparently alone.....
i am planing to stay in hotels..what u think will i need a tent definitely?....i am planing to use iphone and do u think to install tom tom app? (it costs 80$)
i have a custom trailer but have not finished it...i have some problems 1. dont know how to attach it to bike and 2. hot to attach suitcase to my bike....

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Hi there. 1. It's a big

Hi there.

1. It's a big trip. You might want to do a smaller trip beforehand to see what you need, etc. It's a great experience.

2. Equipment is already designed for this type of thing. Trailers, panniers, integrated cycling gear. Look into those. Suitcases aren't usually what people take on these trips.

3. Hotels? $60/night for 3 months is $5500. Yes, get a tent, sleeping bag, camping gear.

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well thank u for

well thank u for advice...winch tent u suggest? i was looking with big vestibule for my bike but could not find...also second thing i don't like about camping is that i am bringing with me laptop and expansive dslr camera so if i will like to go out i will be afraid to leave them in tents also i have cervelo p4 bike.......i was thinking to spend 30$ for each night hotel......and also i am alone and just feels terrible at the end of the day, tired sweaty looking for place to camp and then put and assemble tent and sleep alone......if i had company i would definitely go for camping...but alone is very to buy new trailer is kind a expansive i live in georia and in local shops i could not find so i have to order from trailer cost+shipping would be a lot...thats reason i have decided o make custom

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Great question. I own two

Great question. I own two tents, and am considering another. One to hide the tent for stealth camping.

You have to read read read online. Lots of stories, many sites. You learn tricks of the trade from them.

Some notes:

- Minimize your laptop to a notebook or an iPad if you can. iPhone optimal.

- Do you really need a DSLR camera? It's bulky and heavy. Can something else be used? How will you power this if you run out of power?

- $30 for a hotel? Really? That's basement price if you can find a hotel that accepts that for an overnight.

- Alone shouldn't be boring. You have to find somewhere to camp, set up camp, cook, write travel notes, see local places, etc. Not to mention you'll be tired, planning tomorrow's route, tomorrow's stay, communications, charging items, etc.

- check out on youtube how some people have built bicycle trailers and how to connect. Youtube is great for stuff like that.

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well thank you

well thank you

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i started to think different

i started to think different now...what u say is very reasonable....i just plan with my bran not with experience so...i think its a big chance that i will make mistake... i am thinking if i take tent with me it wont harm me....since its cost around 300$ i can cover it if i stay 10 nights in tent....from 60-70 days i think i will manage to stay more then 10 days in tent.....but which one to take? since i am afraid of theft i want to have one with big vestibule....for my bike and trailer....which one u recommend? i believe here ppl have much more experience. i also want light one+cheap ( i think i want too much :) ) so discussions are birth place of solutions or all are welcomed...

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I like a two man tent with

I like a two man tent with vestibule. Bags into vestibule, bike locked to a tree or fence or whatever. You won't find a two-man tent with a huge vestibule.

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any models unsuggest? for

any models unsuggest?
for 150-200 (i have decreased my budget :)

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Sorry, I don't know models.

Sorry, I don't know models. Look to see what is available at outdoor stores that are online. I don't know who services Georgia.

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