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Hosting poll and others

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Hosting poll and others


I noticed that your poll for "how many did you host this year" is still open.
Should this be ended for 2008 and a new one started for 2009? Are there other "seasonal/annual" polls that deserve a new start for a new year?

Also, is there a chart showing the number of stays/hostings, and also, total number of members -perhaps by geographic area? (18 Kansas, 256 California, 2076 US, 567 Germany, 1 Guam etc.) for various years since WSL began (for comparisons and trends)?

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Thanks for your note. I'll close the poll; However, your idea of actually tracking visits is a good one. I'm going to give that some thought. Maybe people would be willing to do it.

We do have a counting of users available: I haven't publicized it yet, but will before long.