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Dominik Spicher is great!

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Dominik Spicher is great!

Hi all,

Dominik Spicher, a young Swiss guy who is riding from Costa Rica to Vancouver, stayed with me last Thursday. He was a great guest... helpful and full of good stories. He slept in after I left for work and I had no worries leaving him to lock the house on the way out.


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Dominik Spicher

a great guy indeed, I hosted him back in Baja in early May. nice to see an update on him, and to know how far he has made it since he left Loreto BCS. thanks Cecilia Roberta

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Dominik Spicher Great Guest

On Friday June 22, 2008,Auburn WA. one of a few hot days this year, there arrived on my doorstep one Dominik Spicher, sweat rolling off him like Niagara Falls, from climbing the last half mile up the steep hill from the valley floor. Dominik, is one of many rewards of being a member of warm showers. He was the perfect quest, and a joy to listen to. We laughed and joked about his 6 months in the Swiss military, at least they taught him how to cook out of the small pail that he has tied to his bike. I rode with him Saturday into downtown Seattle, on the way we made a brief stop at the Boeing field, so he could see a B-17 and B-24 in flight and landing. If you encounter him please open your door to him.
I would say he has been one of the best quest we have ever had stayed in our home

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Hello: Just a quick update


Just a quick update on Dominik. He arrived at our place on Monday, June 30, one of the hottest days of the summer so far. He had ridden about 80 km and was looking a little wasted. A cool beer and a warm shower soon put him right.

We were off to the neighbours for a bar-b-que so Dominik accompanied us. We had great burgers, and several pitchers full of margaritas and daiquiris before rolling home. The next day Dominik had nothing planned so we extended a invitation for a second night which he accepted.

Canada Day (July 1) Dominik and I spent installing a watering system in our flower garden. He was extremely helpful and I enjoyed his company. Then we went off to another neighbours' house for a swim and some refreshments. After learning his lesson the previous evening, Dominik stopped after one beer!

He got along well with our entire family, to the point where he invited my 18 yr old daughter (who was about to depart to Europe) to visit him in Switzerland during her travels. I think she will accept.

We received a follow up e-mail from Dominik yesterday to let us know he arrived safety at home.

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