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Cycling New Zealand - Adventure! Feb/2011

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Cycling New Zealand - Adventure! Feb/2011

I'm on Maui now with my Surly Long Haul Trucker, panniers, four season hammock, and other gear. I'm allowing myself two months at a leisurely pace to rice vertically across New Zealand, most likely beginning in early February. I'm also a member of WWOOF New Zealand and Couchsurfing. My heart and mind is open, and I'm looking forward to the adventure that awaits.

I've done centuries, and am pretty good with hills, so the physical task won't be too arduous. Any suggestions, recommendations, or sights to see? The weather should be sublime.

Anyone interested to join for part or whole feel free to contact. I'm pretty fun, and make the best out of all situations. Check out my blog if interested


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Adam, I'm heading down to the

Adam, I'm heading down to the south island on January 30. 2 months wild camping. I'm riding a Raleigh, Sojourn. I'm from Fort Collins, and involved in an info shop out here called Hammer Time. On return I'm going to try and woof up from L.a. To Portland. Perhaps we run into each other in NZ. And if not, may your travels be filled with awesome.

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nz touring

Hey Adam,
I'm hitting NZ early feb as well, starting in Christchurch, touring South Island for likely a month before I head up to the north. Pumped for the free-camping, beautiful landscape and hot springs!
I was also planning on doing some wwoof-ing there, but Canadians apparently need a visa to do it. Have to see how strict this is...
Perhaps we'll meet en route - all the best in your explorations!

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also touring New Zealand

Hi Adam,

I will be biking around NZ in February and March. I'll be in the South Island for the whole time, and at this point I'm wwoofing in Wanaka, Palmerston and Clinton. Send me a line if you want to get together and bike a portion together!

Are you getting any bike guidebook, or are you just going to wing it? I've heard that you can't bike on all of the highways in towns.


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Cycling Nz

Hi Adam, I just cycled round a good part of the south island and to be honest I can recommend the whole trip as being spectacular. I started in Christchurch, then over to the west via arthurs pass then straight down the west to queens town via the crown range. Then back to Christchurch via the lindus pass and mt cook.

Tips, make sure your wet weather gear is in good order for the west coast, if it doesn't rain you will be very very lucky. There is a great warm showers host in Hokitika called Kevin, a lovely bloke who knows the meaning of hospitality. The sand flies will own your ass, there is little escape from them all along the westcoast, being a camper. But a local shared a potion with me and it is 100% effective. Mix 50% dettol with 50 baby oil. Trust me the sand flies take no prisoners and their bites are nothing at the time, but itch like hell for at least 7-10 days after. But this potion works a treat.

It is especially spectacular along the haas pass over to wanaka, the crown range is easy until the last 3 kms, but still doable. Happy to answer any questions I can. Enjoy the trip you wont be disappointed by the sth island.

Regards, russell

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We spent 5 weeks cycling the South Island last Feb and March - absolutely amazing! The book to get is Pedaller's Paradise - it has route information, gradients, campgrounds, grocery stores, etc.
We started in Christchurch and went south from there, up the west coast, into Abel Tasman National Park. I would be happy to give you more detailed rout info.
We were very lucky with the weather, only 2 1/2 days of rain. Russell is right - the sand flies are brutal. We camped the whole way, and occasionally stayed in hostels. The people are so very friendly!

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Route planning!

HI there,

I am looking at cycling South Island of NZ possible solo either Oct 2011 or Feb 2013. I am starting to plan my route and am having trouble deciding which paths to take. Any suggestions on a plan of attack?!

Thanks in advance. So excited!

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Hi, i'm Roger. i cycled from christchurch to wanaka and from there on the westcoast to nelson. it was amazing!
Just buy the cyclingguide "paddler's paradise", it's the best help to plan your own trip!!
the campsite in the rakaia gorge was very nice, the "canal route" from lake tekapo to lake pukaki (you will find it in "paddler's paradise") was my favourite day on my whole trip! (wild camping at the lake pukaki!)
and don't miss the westcoast part greymouth to westport!
and for the rest of your trip, i hope you will find some nice guys to cycling together! and find your own way! enjoy!

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Great advice and great book!! Thanks Roger. I can't wait to see the West Coast! Glad you had a great trip :)

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From Christchurch to Auckland

Hy Adam! i'm going to arrive in christchurch on february 6th. i will travel with my bicycle from christchurch to auckland trough the nowhere..
i would like to do some mountains like the dun fiunary or any else, searching beautyful places and enjoy the wildlife.
hope cu in nz!

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Cycling New Zealand

HI Adam,

Your post fills me with memories and I would so love to join you.

I did the sth Island in two weeks (not all of it of course). I started in Christchurch and went straight up to Arthurs Pass on the first day, then down to Hokitika, then down the west coast, right up to Queenstown, then inland through Cromwell and Twizel back towards Christchurch from there. We took this route to try and avoid the infamous westerly head winds. I would say this is a gamble because some days it was a winning strategy, and other days it was completely wrong. There is just no way to work out what the wind will do one day to the next, but I definitely encountered some serious kick back from the wind on the home stretch from Queenstown. ON the way down the coast, I didn't get much head wind action.

Things to be aware of:
1)The shorter route between Wanaka and Queenstown is definitely doable going south. I don't think I would attempt Queenstown to Wanaka on the shorter route. The climb up is very severe and long.
2) If you go over Arthurs pass towards Hokitika there is a great left turn about 15-20 mms from the coast. You'll see a road going uphill a bit, but it goes into a real nice quiet road straight into Hokitika.
3) There is great Warm Showers host in Hokitika called Kevin. He really spoils you rotten, and he is a goldmine of local geological info, if that is your stuff.
4) The sandfly is a killer on the west coast. NOT TO BE UNDERESTIMATED. When they land and bite, you hardly feel a thing, but it will itch like hell for about 10 days afterwards, and they will bite you all over the place. I have the secret to avoiding this pain, passed on by a local fisherman. The formula is 50% baby oil and 50% dettol, mix them up together, and the little buggers won't come anywhere near you. Sincerely, this is totally worth it. I don't think the commercial stuff on the shelves will do the job, I tried it and it didn't work.

Thats it, have a great time! I'll be dreaming I was with you mate, its a marvellous ride for sure!!


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Bike trip

Hi Adam so far we are 2 girls who wish to bike through NZ raising money for africa. We plan to start in Feb. But we are definately not professionals!!! Hills are not my specialty hehe If your interested to do some journeys together that would be cool :) We are allowing 3 months and want to stop and enjoy NZ along the way! As i have read there are alot of you panning the same thing! Let me know if anyone else is interested!!!! Also on CSing and Wwoofing

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Wow! What great response from

Wow! What great response from the worldwide cycling community. I'm thrilled to receive so many amazing suggestions, tips, and interest in my journey.

I just found my username and password for this site. Please forgive me for not replying.

So in a broad response allow me to explain what has transpired:

10 months!!! The plan was NZ after Maui, but I decided against it for a number of reasons. One of them being financial, sadly to say. Since then, I brought my bike to Oregon and studied permaculture in the forest for 5 months, built a greenhouse in Philadelphia, spent 3 months in Taos, NM interning with Earthship, and setup a 6 acre piece of land on Big Island with 12x12 single room dwelling. So much potential for life.

I currently reside in Los Angeles for now, riding almost exclusively in the city by bicycle, passionately publishing a creative magazine and pursuing the next step. Any traveling bicycling artists in here? We're looking for experimental submissions!

While in LA, I'm open to hosting bicyclists! If you're on the West coast, hit me up!

For the next adventure, I've been thinking Central America, specifically Costa Rica. And if it works out, possibly to continue further into South America. Potentially by bicycle.

Thanks for the LOVE. Keep riding y'all!!

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