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blue dots vs. red dots

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Unregistered Аватар пользователя anon_user
blue dots vs. red dots

What is the difference between the red dots and the blue dots on the map?

Unregistered Аватар пользователя anon_user
Blue Dots Vs Red dots

I mean the blu dots are there if is leaving more than one in a small area.Best regrats Suunto

WS Member Аватар пользователя @wsadmin@
Blue flags are when there are too many members to display

When you're not zoomed in on the map, it would be impossible to show flags for every member, so the members from a region are consolidated into a single blue flag. If you zoom in, they'll turn into individual red flags.

You can click on a flag to see this. If you click on a blue flag you'll see the list of members it's representing.


WS Member Аватар пользователя WS Member
Blue flag vs Red flag

I am a newbie to this site and had the same question. Thanks this is helpful to know. I am easily confused. :)