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Bikes fore sale to San Francisco

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Bikes fore sale to San Francisco


We are two French people and we want to discover the west coast.
We arrive the 14 of october to San Francisco and we will need to buy bikes to go to Yosemite and Los angeles.
If you live in San Francisco and if you have opportunities for us, we are interested ! (Or if you know good plans for us we are interested too !)

Thank you

Unregistered Аватар пользователя anon_user

I live in Sanfranciso area, walnut Creek, and csn help in planning your route
Best to go fly into LA ride up coast than go to Yoesimite from SF
Has La to Yosemite is a difficult bike route from LA Can be done but a bit tricky
Has to bikes unless buying them new used hard to find that fit and don't reqire some repairs
Performance bike in Walnut creek always has some new bikes for under $600 down that could work
But what about pannirs, tents, camping gear Your bringing that I assume
Motels in CA about $85 for 1 nite and up
Stay with my wife and i for a nite or two can pick up at airort but BART works better
Charles Nighbor Architect
925 708-1295 Cell
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San Francisco

Dear Charles,

First of all thank you for your adivce. In the end we’ve decided to follow your advice and leave from San Francisco going to LA on the Highway 1, as the journey seems much easier to reach Yosemite which we really want to visit. Is there a bus or train which leaves from San Fran to reach there that you know of?

For the bikes we’ve found a site selling repaired and new bikes quite cheaply, so think we’ll go for that There seems to be a problem with the site at the minute but I have looked before and thought it was quite good. Have you heard of it or can you recommend any others?

As for the equipment, we’ve already bought some things and will try to buy as much as possible in France before we go, but maybe you could advise us on what you think we might need in case we’ve forgotten something.

It’s very nice of you to offer to let us stay for a night or two and it would be a pleasure to meet you.

I look forward to hearing any other advice you may have on our trip.

Many thanks

Coline and Thomas

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Bike for sale

If you were starting in Los Angeles, I have a bike you may be interested in: I just wrote this advertisement to sell it because I have bought myself a new heavy duty tourer:
1985 Trek 520 Light Tourer $600. 22.5 inch/57.15 cm Lugged Reynolds 501 frame. Serial number: 194896. Minor scratches, although the color is very nice, I do not think the paint was very durable on this model. Mavic MA40 700c x 1" wheels. Campagnolo Record hubs (can be injection greased without removing wheels). 7 speed Shimano casset. 70mm Deore triple cranks. 50,48,28 chainrings. Lyotard pedals w/clips, no straps. Forte carbon drops. Adjustable stem. 2 spare stems (different sizes). Shimano bar end shifters. Shimano 105 brakes, Avid levers + Forte inline levers. Rear rack. Low rider front rack.
You can call me at 323-851-9415
Or email at [email protected]

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bike for sale

Deaur Barry,

Thanck you for your proposition but we search a bike at SF.

Coline and Thomas

Unregistered Аватар пользователя anon_user
bike for sale

Dear Barry,

Thanck you for your proposition but we search a bike at SF.

Coline and Thomas

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I suggested the opposite fly into LA 1st than bike to SF than to Yosemite. Has I don't know a good route from LA to Yosemite. There is book I have "Bicycling California's Spline: Touring the length of the Sierra Nevada" which has the route from Yosemite to Kernville, CA. And it is not and east touring ride And than you still have to get to LA.
than in Oct. has France is on same latitute has CA your getting into shorter days and longer nites. Expect cold nites. Sept. is better. Chance of some rain in Oct.
Has to eguipment any member can answer that. there are almost no motels once past I-5 So camping a must. therefore you need to set to fully tour
Even SF to Yosemite is not an easy route.Has been done OK in past.
Has to used bikes I don't know any to rent. You could buy new and sell at end. maybe leave with me and I will try to sell on craigslist.
If this is your 1st bike tour I would suggest an easier bike tour.

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used bikes

the source you found for used bikes in Bereley CA sells used bikes for college students. Not a great place to find a bike for serious touring. His site is down prehaps because he has been checked by police for selling stolen bikes. Than he doesn't let you into his store just brings a bike out to you. Take it or leave it.than way no one can go inside has they migth find their stolen bike. Performance bike in walnut creek should have new bikes that should work for touring Around $500

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go to and do research on touring in CA and Yosemite
and look closely at equpment they are riding in photos

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Thank you

Dear Charles,

I'm sorry for my latest reponse but I work a lot and my Irish colloc is not always here to translate my messages so I go to untangle !

Thank you for your different adices, in particulary for the touring and for "stolen bikes". I think is better for us to buy new bikes even if we pay 500$ and why not after to sell it or bring with us in the plane.

Concerning the touring, I join you our touring planning (by the Highway one):

San Francisco,Montara,pescadero states beach,Santa Cruz,Watsonville,Salinas,Monterey,Carmel,Big Sur,Plaskett,Cambria,San luis obispo,Guadalupe, Los alamos,Solvang,Gaviota,Santa Barbara,San Buenaventura,Malibu,Santa Monica,Los Angeles.

That correspond at 520 miles, I think for a first experience is best because it is short and flat.

To go to Yosemite, we will take a bus start to San Francisco (I think its possible).

Concerning the website "crazyguyonabicycle".com it's a good website and I had viewed different lists for the equipement.

Are you always OK to accomodate us in your home when we arrive at San Francisco? We arrive the 14 th of october at 15H10 pm at San Francisco Internationnal SFO. How can we do to meet you?

Thank you,


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SF Airport to Walnut Creek

Take B.A.R.T. from airport direct to here

Unregistered Аватар пользователя anon_user

your comment on 101 being flat made be laugh a lot. it is anything but flat. I ridden and drove all of it. My guess is maybe 25% to 35% flat between SF and LA Rest is long rollers and some very long climbs.
Has to getting new bikes. that works but you need to allow time to get to bike shops to find them. Or go to Yellow and see what you can find on sale at various bike stores. Performance bikes has a on line web site were you can order and pick up at store. They could assemble it for you and have it ready to go here in Walnut Creek, CA 2011 Schwinn World 21 Commuter Bike $400

Item #30-4080


Unregistered Аватар пользователя anon_user

I now realise it's definatly not flat !
Thank you for your recomandations, I have noted the adress "Performance bikes" and we will go straight theire when we arrive at San Francisco. My friend would prefere to see and to test the bike before to buy it. I think the model "CA 2011 Schwinn World 21 Commuter Bike" is good and the price is interesting for us.

Can you give me your exact address in my personnal Email "[email protected]" so If I take the BART what's bus or train should I take to get to your house ?


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