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Android App! Testers needed! (well, not really anymore, but read below....)

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Android App! Testers needed! (well, not really anymore, but read below....)

So I've kludged together something together on Android that can be kinda sorta called a Warmshowers app!

At this stage it requires quite a lot of messing about with it. However, a significant advantage (imho) over the iphone app is that it doesn't require a data connection to see what WS hosts are nearby.

I am hoping to get some people to help me test it out. I modified an existing open source app (and I know squat about java, tbh), and as such I have little control right now over usability aspects of it. however, I can forward on any comments to the maintainers of the project it is based on.

contact me directly for an apk and associated files and I will be happy to send them to you.

Unregistered Аватар пользователя anon_user
I run Android on a HTC

I run Android on a HTC Desire. Count me in for some of this.

A friend is an Android dev so I'll have a chat to see if he has time to look it over.

Unregistered Аватар пользователя anon_user
I offer me ;-)


I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab and would like test the App. I will go to South America this fall and it could be very helpful for me.

Regards Ute

Unregistered Аватар пользователя anon_user
Im using a Motorola Defy, and

Im using a Motorola Defy, and I am a complete newby to Android...but I will give it a try.

Unregistered Аватар пользователя anon_user
pick me too!

i use an HTC incredible, and would love to test this out!!


Unregistered Аватар пользователя anon_user
Another victim :-)

I have a Nexus S with Android 2.3.4 and am supposed to be getting a Toshiba Thrive tablet with Honeycomb in the next day or two. Would be happy to test on both.

Unregistered Аватар пользователя anon_user
those who want to test,

those who want to test, please contact me DIRECTLY, through my member page. (i would prefer not to post my email publicly.)

please provide the following information:

type of android device
country you are CURRENTLY in (i.e. where you will be testing it)

i am currently basing this on the daily build from the osmand project from several days ago, but it seems stable. i would encourage anyone reading this and interested in participating to contribute a buck or three to that project. I have no connection to Osmand, but it seems like a good app, is open source, and deserves to be supported.

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Android testers


I have on old HTC Dream and a few notions about android dev. I'd be glad to do some beta testing if you still need it.

Unregistered Аватар пользователя anon_user
Great idea!

I have the Nexus S and live in Alberta, Canada. I would gladly test out your creation.


Unregistered Аватар пользователя anon_user
Android App

I would be willing to join test group. UK based Samsung Galaxy S GT 1900.

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htc desire

I'll be willing to help you test de app on my android.

WS Member Аватар пользователя WS Member
Motorola Defy

I'll test it too,

version 2.1, not rooted or anything,
travelling France by bike ;-)

Unregistered Аватар пользователя anon_user


I'm currently really busy, too busy to deal with this at the moment


After all my tinkering, when i corresponded with the OsmAnd developers, one of them pointed out that my tinkering was really unnecessary.

Basically, you can cram whatever additional data you want into OsmAnd and have it get displayed as Point Of Interest data. No separate application is necessary.

You do, however, need to construct a custom POI file. This will require you to mutilate the CSV data file you get from warmshowers for a particular area, and shoehorn it into OsmAnd's text format, then use their free tools to convert that into a binary format. I know that probably sounds complicated, and it is, but it is explained on their website in fairly good detail.

I apologize to all of you who sent emails that i did not respond to.

I also think that it's worth it to use this app, OsmAnd, for this sort of application. Being able to map things when there is no cell service is really handy. I think i can help with pointing people in the right direction for converting warmshowers data into the appropriate format for OsmAnd, if there is such an interest.

As Kent Peterson says, keep 'em rolling!

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