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ACA Southern Tier - Mississippi River Flooding affect

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ACA Southern Tier - Mississippi River Flooding affect

Greetings from Baton Rouge,

It's all about the River these past few days. Seems all this winter and spring snow and rain is now headed our way. The flood crest of 47.5 feet is predicted to reach Baton Rouge May 23rd. That river height may over-top the levee in places. That is very bad news.

So what's that got to do with your trip across the southern tier?

Well, as of today, the ferry across the River at St Francisville no longer runs - at all. The new John James Audubon bridge across the river is expected to open but it may not. Expect a delay crossing the river when crossing from Morganza.

If you are coming up river from New Orleans and manage to cross to the west bank, you'll have to find a bridge to cross back to the east bank as all the ferries down river from Baton Rouge will soon NOT be running until the river level drops.

Keep in mind, it takes a long time for the River to drop after it crests, like weeks, sometimes months if it starts raining again upriver.

To check river stages use this link:

To check ferry schedules use this link: