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winter touring (italy nd austria)

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winter touring (italy nd austria)

thinking of starting mid january from igumenitsa port...then ancona port nd from there to Insbruck ,austria
m i CRAZY???....i think i m gonna make it with a bit of luck when it comes to weather.
...also had this idea of towing my snowboard with me...m i OUT OF MY MIND???

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you can always lash the

you can always lash the snowboard to your front wheel; to make it easier to ride the downhills on your bike (just kidding). Safe travels and good luck with your adventure. Peace.


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just like me ;)

Hey, I´m going on a one month trip from Helsinki to the North Cape (not really but near there, even a bit more up north). I´m haven´t thought about a snow board but will carrying some snow shoes for a hiking trip. Just do it, take the challenge and post when it comes to the trip =) And don´t forget the right equipment - when you regret your choices its almost to late ;)

All the best - Erik

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I m preparing some kevlar rack.
..but planing to send my board to insbruck nd pick it ap there ndgo around u know of anycheap courier?
I ll haveto be lucky with weather too

Gud luck with your trip friend...
Did u get any snow tyres?
letskeep in touch.maybe will meet on the road

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If you are used to winter biking or hiking, it should be no big business to ride in the Alps in January... You must have the strength mental and physical to manage it. Not every fellow road user will be respect full and keep a decent/safe distance..!

Choose really good equipment for your self and the bike. Wear reflective clothe and mount a really strong light so you will be seen in any weather !
My greatest problem is to keep my feet warm.
Travel planing must be more relaxed depending on the weather.
If weather is to harsh/unsafe you either stay over or take public transport..

You might be well off with winter tyres, at least on your front wheel. -I don't know if such is available in Greece...;-)
This German shop is recommendable to deal with:;content=7;navigation=1;menu=1000,2,103,105;pgc=127:454

By the way; In Germany it was illegal to let anyone tent in the winter ! -Even on official camping places.. So i took the forest and major parks in the city :-) -Maybe it's the same in Austria ...

Have fun

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alps winter tour

i did get these for warming my toes

also these tyres

...after failing to get some "schwable winter marathon" from representative in greece who promised to bring my tyres in 3 [email protected]

m not planning to free camp...just gona go around with "" nd ""

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