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Route planning apps

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Route planning apps

Hi everyone, My name is Phoebe and I'm planning an interrail + cycle trip in continental Europe in May/June time of this year. I'm still planning the route but I know that I want to take in Paris, Berlin, possibly prague and maybe some of northern Italy. I'd love any route recommendations and particularly a good app that people can recommend for planning cycle friendly routes/ calculating distances etc. Thank you so much!

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Hi Phoebe,

Hi Phoebe,

From my own experience, I can recommend the LocusMap application. This app is a bit hard to use at first with an overwhelming amount of settings, but once you get used to it, you'll like it. For example, you can set up the display so that it functions as a map, a navigation, and cycling computer at the same time. But the most important thing is that LocusMap has better maps than Google, from the point of view of the bicycle traveler. There you will find very accurate maps, including forest paths, bicycle route markings, and you can easily add your own trails from GPX files.


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Ride with GPS

Hi Phoebe,

I've used lots of route planning sites over the years and find Ride with GPS ( to be the best. The biggest advantage I find over other sites is the accuracy of the elevation profiles. I find other sites are very inaccurate but Ride with GPS is usually within a few percentage of what my Garmin tells me at the end of a ride. Also, it's very easy to sue and export GPX files.

Hope this helps!


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Take a look at https://www

Take a look at and . Both show popular marked bicycle routes. Komoot has a nice feature for multi-day trip planning. Both are quite useful in free versions, paid version adds some more features. I like komoot a little better.

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Our recommendation Mapy


since years we use the Czech application Mapy (Link ist extern) for planning and also routing. It has OSM, on outdoor map you can see hiking and cycling trails. You can download maps if you don't have (good) internet connection.

You can download your GPS-tracks for other devices and upload other GPS tracks.

There exist a version for browser and one for cellphone. Different languages are available.

It's free of charge and without promo.

We used it in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia and Italy.

Take care!

Michaela and Herbert

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route planning apps

Hi Phoebe - as the previous posters have shown, there are many route planning apps out there. My favorite one for planning from my computer is . Its main deficiency is that it doesn't include the links to route websites that you can find via, but it's great for figuring out distances and times. When I'm on my bike, I rely on OsmAnd on my phone, which sits in a mount on my handlebars. It's slower than some other phone apps for calculating a new route, but is superior for pretty much everything else.

There are plenty of great websites and apps with national and regional info for route planning, e.g. and . Or you can spend many hours vicariously enjoying other people's travels. My upcoming trip is at

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I've been using the Pocket

I've been using the Pocket Earth (PRO) app. Good for offline use. Enables you to download the specific parts you want to go so you do not have to clutter up your phones storage space by downloading a whole country, continent or the world Even though you could. Provides turn-by-turn-instructions as well as elevation profiles in PRO version (one time in-app purchase) So it is also cheap.

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My favorite Webpage is

I used it before my 4month trip through Europe to estimate distances and time.

And I also used it during the trip daily as I changed my mind after one week and all the planing and converting into gpx files was wasted time :D

I think it's a webpage from the UK, but it covers most countries in Europe and includes even small local bike paths and campsites,shops, restaurants etc.

I like that this webpage always shows you the shortest routes with little traffic or car free cycling routes, but doesn't stick strictly to the main cycling routes only (as my Garmin does).

Unfortunately the map is only online available and there is no app.

If you create a free user account you can save your planed route and make it public if you want. likewise you can check out routes from other cyclists. Creating gpx files for a GPS is possible and very easy too.

Lately I also used for short day trips.  What I like about this one most is that you actually see all the names of the bike and hiking routes, if you zoom in. 

Have safe trip. Let me know if you pass Dresden on your way to Prague.

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Hi Phoebe!

You already got many good advices! We only use planning on the website on the computer and setting offline the planned routes on the iPhone. Here you find all our tracks Paying 30,- eur once you can download all maps off the world. For 50,- /year you get the premium version with collection and maps showing the official cycling paths which is very useful! We got many good advices by other user writing good commentaries. So it’s really a good community helping each other when showing nice photos and writing good commentaries and highlights.

So just have a look and enjoy riding through Europe!

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I'm currently in Tuscany for

I'm currently in Tuscany for a few weeks and trying a few of the apps. I mainly come back to planning my own routes on Gaia GPS. Easy to plan a day on a mobile and good turn-by-turn audio  and map route direction from my phone when I'm on the bike