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YouTube Videos Here

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YouTube Videos Here

We would love to share your channel to the Warmshowers channel - feel free to post links in this forum heading for your blogs or videos and we'll help share your story!

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My First YouTube Video! Re. Wild Camping :)
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600km Cycle Touring in Belgium and the Netherlands

Although I've hosted lost of cyclists through warmshowers over the last four years, I hadn't been a guest until two years ago when a friend and I toured through Belgium and the Netherlands.

We were overwhelmed by all of the generosity and kindness of strangers who welcomed us into their homes, fed us, and gave us tours of their towns and cities.

This community is amazing, I can't wait until I can get back on my bicycle and visit more places and meet new people :)

Since the start of COVID, I've had a lot of time to go through tens of hours of footage from previous tours. I thought folks in here would appreciate this.

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youtube channel

I am a Warmshowers host and I have an interview channel on youtube. I do many diverse interviews, but have a cycling series as well which might interest your membership. Here is the link.

Happy cycling, Joe

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I have a youtube channel

I have a youtube channel about roadcycling, trackcycling and bikepacking. My last trip was a short three day adventure with hammock-camping (no use of warmshowers to prevent contact due to the corona-situation).

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YouTube videos...

Good morning,

A couple of years ago after upgrading from my beloved flip phone, I discovered iMovie. I love making short video's of our trips.

My wife (Lovely Laura) and I planned on riding our bikes across the USA leaving this week but due to COVID and other health issues, we have postponed until 2021, however, I'll be doing a three week solo ride, creating a movie and posting it on YT and on our Facebook page: Soulmate Cyclists @OptimisticChrisandLovelyLaura.

Here are links to two cycling vids we've made:


Optimistic Chris

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Hello ! We're cycling for charity from Helsinki to Singapore

We've recently published a video about our 2 years;

And here's our channel;

Thanks for all the time :) 

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8 months family trip in south america

Hi everybody !

We did a big bike trip from september to april (and back with COVID) from Swiss to Spain first and then Chile and Argentina. We travelled with our baby, Faustine, she was one year and a half when we started.
Here's our blog :

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trying to Scotland in winter...

This winter I, toured in Scotland. My adventure got a lot of ups and downs. I tried to film this experience. This is the link:

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Cycle Touring Australia

G'day from Australia! 

Last year I cycled from Sydney to Broome (6000kms ish) and blogged from Cairns to Broome, half of which I did plastic free to shed some light on the environmental impacts of plastic.

In a few weeks I will be heading back out and cycling back to Broome, via the middle of Australia, to then continue around the coast all the back via Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne back to my home in Sydney.

Hope you get a chance to view my content!



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Brezelbros Youtube and Instagram

Hi there dear Warmshower Community.

My friend Simon and I are currently traveling northern Europe and will be going East to Turkey and South to possibly Africa within the next 6-12 months. We created a Youtube Channel and an Instagram appareance and would love to share our journey with open minded people :)



On our trip we've already met many of u as hosts and it would be cool to have u as part of our adventure.

All the best and full tires!

Jonas and Simon - the brezelbros ;)

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From Europe to Australia on bicycles - Youtube vlog

Hi everybody!

We already have a lot of videos about our cycling trips around the world (including with a baby born on the way) on another non-English channel. But we have just launched an English version, where all videos will sound in English -

Welcome to watch! There are many adventures ahead in 30+ countries. We publish 2 new videos every week.

Don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss anything.



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Hello !

Hello !

We're on tour, we started early June from Yverdon, Switzerland. We go slow and take time to enjoy interesting places. In our bags we have a glider (for paragliding). We started a Youtube Channel : and a blog (in french now, we'll switch in english soon).

Have a good trip !

Olivier & Chalinee

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My First Warm Showers Guest:)

I had a wonderful time hosting my first guest- sharing the link below:

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Cycletrekkers :)

I started my YouTube channel a few years ago after our France to China trip. There are some videos on there about that and also the Canada trip. I'm not going to lie, my camera skills weren't the best but they are improving. Wish I knew then what I do now haha.

Since finishing the cycle trip I've trained to become a yoga teacher - this is something I decided I wanted to do while on tour due to the number of issues I had, such as tight quads, inactive glutes, tight hip flexors. So there are now a lot of yoga videos on there as well, including ones specifically for cyclists. So hopefully you might find them useful.

I'm hoping to add some more cycle videos as we do more trips too :)

Thanks all!


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5 years without a motor around the world.

I'm currently in Rishikesh, India and have travelled here from Toronto, Canada over 5 years without ever using motorized transportation. Please check the adventure out at the Routes of Change youtube channel or @routesofchange

Thanks for sharing these.

Here is a brief summary of my journey:

Here is a playlist with 28 cycling videos.

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My videos about an unusual bike. I use it every day.
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Hola por acá!! Buenísima idea! Nosotros hemos estado desarrollando nuestro proyecto en YouTube hace casi un año ya! Ahora estamos recorriendo nuestro país en bicicleta pero esperamos poder seguir por otros lados una vez abran las fronteras!! Dense una vuelta y cuentennos qué les parece!! =)

Muchas gracias!!

Seba y Mauge


Hello here! This sounds great! We have been developing our project on YouTube for some months now and would be glad to have you dropping by to see our content! Now we are traveling around Uruguay until further notice. =) Though we are Spanish speakers you can still enjoy the landscapes!! We are considering creating subs for our videos but since most of our audience this far is Spanish speaker we don't know. What do you think?

Muchas gracias!!

Seba y Mauge