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User-added camping (and other) information

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User-added camping (and other) information

I absolutely love WarmShowers and would love it even more if it could be my all-in-one touring info app. Often there are not hosts where I'm hoping to go. It would be amazing if WS users could input helpful information like good places to put down a sleeping bag, good places to fill water, grab a snack, and other helpful touring info. Most importantly, though, I'd love to see the alternative accommodations feature available. I could input the various parks and beaches I've camped at so future cyclists don't have to wander around a town to find a spot.

Thanks for reading,


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Yes, i agree with you.For example, at my current location, there are 5 urban WS and 1 rural WS. And that one rural WS host is migrating soon. Of the 5 urban WS host, only 2 are active, including me. My point is, WS is most valuable off the beaten path. Say, the route within Continental Europe compared to the heart of Africa.

Second, although WS cater mostly for touring cyclist, i am open to any wanderer or traveler. The basic essential to setup camp, access to clean water, food etc. are most useful. This basic information is useful.

Third, your point on parks and beaches are understated. The point of touring isnt to travel to far off land to see shopping mall or things that is similar to back home. At my location, there are plenty of NP and public spaces. Most of them are safe and charges relatively low entrance fee or none at all.

I am sorry for my English. I hope i can bridge what i want to say across.

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Local info

Good idea.

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