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Anomaly in list search

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Unregistered Аватар пользователя anon_user
Anomaly in list search

It seems a list search in any city will produce at the top recently joined members (I'm assuming those who have joined since the Drupal upgrade) who have not specified their location (they are by default given 0 degrees longitude & latitude - and hence wash up with all the other flotsam and jetsam in the Principality of Freewheel as mentioned here: ).

At the moment there are two users who appear at the top (I won't link to them or provide screen grabs but this can be verified with any list search).

WS Member Аватар пользователя WS Member
search by location ???

searching members by location does not work :

when I search for some regions where I am pretty sure there are not so many members (Ulan Ude, Bouriatya), the search engine displays a long long list of members all over the world. I don't even understand the filter criteria.

Unregistered Аватар пользователя anon_user
That's weird, there are now

That's weird, there are now dozens and dozens of members at 0 degress long & lat at the top of each search (on the map it only lists 6 so I don't know what has happened) - one has to click on to page 6 and scroll to near the bottom to get to the relevant results (*Spoiler Warning* - there is nobody within cooee of where you are searching).

Can we please at least get a response on this? It's been over two months and the list search is now effectively useless.

Unregistered Аватар пользователя anon_user
This is a major issue, a

This is a major issue, a response would be appreciated.

Unregistered Аватар пользователя anon_user
Bug report received

Got it, thanks for the update Paul, this fits in with something I was told a few weeks ago, and will be given a high priority.

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