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Asia 2016

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Asia 2016

i am a 40 years old german. Next year i want to ride through asia for about one year. I will start in June or July. From Moskow to lake Baikal i want to go by train and there i will start my cycling trip. My plans are not set. I am also thinking about doing parts of the trip by train or bus. Especially i am dreaming about Mongolia, Tibet, Laos and Myanmar.
I love nature, adventures and meeting people. Normally i am sleeping in my tent and i also like to do hiking. So far i have been travelling on my own, but it would be nice to have someone you can trust, for talking about experiences and exchange ideas and feelings.

Please contact me if you'd like to join me on this trip. We could plan the tour together.


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Did you get any takers for your tour next year?

I,m looking to do a tour in 2016. No idea where? But yours took my attention.

I am a 49 yr old brit male, currently in canaries after riding from nordkapp.

So you wanna train from moscow yo lake baikal?

And into Mongolia?

I am thinking about it.

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You won't be able to enter

You won't be able to enter Tibet alone nor cycle alone. You will need a guide!

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60 years old, Geneva, SilkRoad, Beijing, Thai,Viet,Malay...

Dear All,
planning April 2017, bike from Geneva to Asia.
Average 13km/hours, about 50-70 km per day ... yes I am a snail ...
Anybody wish to join ?
coco the slow food eater

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