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Cycling South America March 2016

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Cycling South America March 2016

Hi everybody,
I am planning to cycle from Guatemala to Argentina next year. Have not decided when exactly, but I think end of March 2016 .
I'm German, life in Canada right now and love adventuring. I leave my cycling tours always pretty open, don't like to much planning in detail and love soaking in the culture as much as I can. So I have no time frame or this trip.
I love camping, sleeping on the beach (where possible), watch the stars, eat local food, have adventure, connect to locals and do nice things beside cycling.
If you're interested in the same way of travel, freedom and fun please write me a message.

Looking forward hearing from you!!!


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I have never considered leaving the states. At this point I would like to talk to you about touring South America. With questions like "is it safe?". Ect. Thank you.

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Cycling from Texas to Brazil

Hi Marco,

I left Austin Texas in mid-December and making my way through Mexico down to Cancun. My ultimate destination is Brazil. I think I will be in Guatemala in March, if you decide to ride from there!

I have been traveling solo (I tried riding with a companion, but it didn't work out), but if I can find a companion that I feel comfortable traveling with, than I would like the company!

I am interested in spending as much of my ride as possible in Brazil, so I had even thought to maybe fly to Brazil from Cancun. But if you are coming to Guatemala, and want to travel down through Central America into Colombia, than you could decide whether you wan to take a boat into Brazil with me (via the Amazon), etc.

It's a lot to think about, but just putting it out there.

You can follow my ride at and my email is

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search bicycle buddy for

search bicycle buddy for Southamerica 2016 - Open End

After a serious accident in Thailand and total destruction of my bicycle, I was to repair my damaged equipment and bicycle shortly in Germany.

My cycling world journey continues March 2016 in Buenos Aires. It continues through Uruguay, southern Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, event. Venezuela, then through Central America (event. Cuba) to USA and Canada. 1-2 years :)

search bicycle buddy, like for partial paths. No fixed route, so I'm flexible.

I am very happy in nature (tents, campfire) but do also like sightseeing, CouchSurfing, Warmshowers, etc.

I drive between 60-120km / day depending on weather, terrain and arrangement :)

Feel good, Patrick -
(m, 40, non smoker, German, English, Spanish, Portuguese)

Last trip: 8000 km from Europe to Southeast Asia (2015)

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