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Seeking companion: Key West, FL to Sacramento, CA

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Seeking companion: Key West, FL to Sacramento, CA

Greetings transients, nomads and tourists,

I am seeking companionship on my return voyage from Key West, FL to my hometown of Sacramento, CA, where I began my journey. I plan on riding west basically the same route I originally took which is crosses through S. Alabama, S. Mississippi, S. Louisiana (+New Orleans), Texas along hwy 90 to El Paso, then S. New Mexico, Arizona (Phoenix), California to San Diego, and then coastal hwy 1 all the way up to San Francisco, over the Golden Gate, then east to Sacramento.

I have no time limit for my return journey therefore I am willing to make detours, change my course, or embark on a totally different trip if the opportunity presents itself. Basically I'm flexible and super chill Cali dude. If you can only accompany me for part of the trip -that's great. Contact me through WS with any questions or propositions.

Happy trails, peaceful road warriors!

Oak SF :-}

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heading West soon

Hi Oak,

I live in Austin, TX and I am preparing to ride my bicycle to Brazil. I was supposed to fly to L.A. today and begin my trip from there, but things changed last minute. Now I am looking to leave from Austin and head West, either by bicycle, car, or flying unicorn and cross into Mexico either in AZ or CA.

I would like to leave this weekend.

If you're in Key West, this probably doesn't really line up for you. :-P But just thought I'd put it out there...

Happy travels!

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